Music For Pets

Music for pets? Who would’ve thought about creating music for pets? Pet lovers - that’s who. Us. We built a whole record company on the premise of creating music for pets and other animals.

We got the idea of writing music for pets sitting on the patio at the Country Store in Laurel Canyon.  We were talking about our own pets and creating an online radio station in Laurel Canyon and somehow it turned into “we should start a record company that makes music for pets and other animals and we should call it the Laurel Canyon animal Company.”  So we did. We started creating music for pets and pet lovers almost immediately and have been doing so ever since. Must have been something in the air.

Music for Dogs
Songs To Make Dogs Happy!" is the first qualitatively and quantitatively researched musical CD, based upon 200 canine participants' responses to what THEY would like to hear in songs!
The Laurel Canyon Animal Company and Dr. Kim Ogden, a nationally known Intuitive Animal Communicator, worked together to create music dogs love to listen to! A CD with 12 songs that will make your dog happy!
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Versión Español - ¡Clic Aquí!
The first music for pets we did was Im A Green Chicken which was created specifically foe people who love birds from parrots to Lorikeets to Crows to Hummingbirds to Blue Birds. Our next venture into music for pets was our Songs To Make Dogs Happy CD for dogs.We learned so much about pets, dogs in particular, doing this CD that I could probably teach a course on the subject.
Sample clips:
Squeaky Deaky
Squeaky Juguete - Español
Adventure Dog
You're a good Dog
Scratch My Back
Hap, Hap, Happy
I'll Be Back ss
I'm Your Doggie
My Bed
Please Let Me Know

Trying to create music for pets and pet lovers led us to working with many different animal communicators in many different situations. And even though we started out to create music for pets, we ended up not only creating music for pets but music for gorillas, for pink dolphins, for children, and for mountain lions. 

I think the most fun we had creating music for pets was a writing and recording as Christmas carol for dogs called “We Wish You A Squeaky Christmas” from our Bring An Animal Home For The Holidays” CD. Talk about music for pets – it’s a squeaky toy version of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” done on Omnichord and squeaky toy.

Making music for pets has been and still is a most wonderful learning experience for us and hopefully for the pets and other animals too.

I always wanted to do a CD about and maybe for Ferrets. We’ll see. They’re pets too.

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