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The Laurel Canyon Animal Company creates original music about, for and with animals - dogs in partcular. We also utilize the services of animal communicators for some of our musical projects.

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Your dog could be a STAR! The Laurel Canyon Animal Company, the only record label in the world that creates music about, for and with animals is looking for a few good dogs - rather a few good videos of a few good dogs.

We are putting together a video for the release of "Squeaky Deaky", our first single (created specifically for dogs). We need videos of dogs reacting to our song. If you (or your dog) are interested, please:

1. Bring your phone (or any video camera) and your dog into the room.
3. Play the video below and video your dog's reaction. One to two minutes.
4. Email the video to us (or upload it to Youtube and send us the link.
5. Include all your contact information (including your dog's name) and a short note giving us permission to use your dog's video in our Squeaky Deaky video.

Send an email and we'll be happy to answer any questions you or your dog may have. We'd love to have you both participate. Some lucky dog is going become FAMOUS!

If you have any trouble viewing the video below, use this sound sample link to play Squeaky Deaky for your dog(s)


Thank you very much
skip haynes